La Route “Back To Sleep” OUT APRIL 25th Sutter’s story begins in a dingy garage somewhere in the coastal region of Southern California in 2004. “The acquisition of a retro eight track type tape machine attracted a few high school friends around for a lesson in music making. I justContinue Reading

Who is 19, a bit geeky, wears glasses and can transport himself anywhere through his laptop? If you’re thinking Harry Potter, you’re ten years too late. Keenan Cahill, that’s who. Since Susan Boyle astounded society’s preconceptions with “I Dreamed a Dream”, a goofy 19 year old from Illinois USA, whoContinue Reading

Pop facts: Menace: A collaboration between various hard rock musicians Formed by Mitch Harris, guitarist of Napalm Death. “I Live With Your Ghost” features clean vocals and collaboration that both burst the boundaries of the grindcore rock genre. Mitch Harris in Napalm Death, has appeared on Chris Evan’s TGI Friday,Continue Reading