July 14, 2024

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Stereobuzz Introducing: South African Indie Soul Diva MICH gets world DJ’s excited as she is ‘Going Places’

‘Going Places’ is the brand new single from South African artist ‘MICH’.

‘Going Places’ has stormed up the world renowned Kings of Spins DJ Chart run by BBC Radio One and Cafe Del Mar inventor Eddie Gordon to the NO 1 Spot. 

‘MICH’ grew up in Natal, South Africa and was influenced by international artists like Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Celine Dion and Gospel music.

After majoring in dance and attending musical theatre and acting classes, MICH became a Curator for South African Fashion, Art & Decor for 4 years leading to the launch of her musical career.

MICH speaks about growing up in Natal saying “I turned out a bit of a rebel as a result of my rather strict upbringing. I did everything that was “supposedly taboo” especially for the daughter of a pastor. Whilst my upbringing was conservative , my parents were always supportive of my study and career choices. NEVER did they say that a path of singing, dancing, fashion and art were not ‘proper’ careers. Their advice was always to give it my all and just “do my personal best” and that’s all that mattered. Whenever we would do ballet shows or any schools shows, I could ALWAYS pick out my Dad’s whistle cheering me on from the audience. I’ll always treasure that”.

The debut single from ‘MICH’ was recorded and produced at ‘Cosher studios’ in Cape Town , owned and run by young, creative, passionate musos, producers, engineers and composers.

‘MICH’ says “I Love working with Producer Ben Brukman, he’s a young, talented producer, Nothing is out of his league. He exposes himself to so many genres and that allows him to  make magic with any challenge I propose to him. Ross Rowley is also a young , genius composer who we often call into the studio to sprinkle some of his magic onto the tracks”.

‘Going Places’ is an inspirational reminder to ignore societal limitations-boxes-rules and live fully. Take control of your life and show up as your personal best.


No comparisons – You-Do-You. You only have one life, so don’t waste it.

Michelle reflects on her personal experience I restarted my creative journey after many years of muting the call.  Life gave me a 2nd chance to engage creatively and I’m choosing to show up and create, regardless of the nay-sayers.It’s never too late to start – Stop doubting, believe in yourself and  just do it.You too should follow your heart and get excited about and high on life. Take baby steps, enjoy the process”

The new single ‘Going Places’ from MICH is out now.



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