By Small Ruin’s melodies have reached the edges of the earth as Bryan Mullis’ spontaneous travels and adventurous experiences became a staple of inspiration in his music. By Small Ruin is an anagram for Bryan Mullis, keeping his music and lifestyle as true to self as possible. Busking since highContinue Reading

STEREOBUZZ BEST NEW EXPERIMENTAL: ‘Silent Disco Sex’ release a decadent and dark music video that will intrigue you as they let loose the incredible ‘Shapeshifters’ – Stereobuzz UK Silent Disco Sex are back from a journey to the dark side as they release the captivating, atmospheric, trippy and mesmerising ‘Shapeshifters’Continue Reading

“STEREOBUZZ TRIBAL HOUSE BEATS 2020: ‘Lewis Monbarn’ shines with credibility as he releases a majestic, mystifying and tribal ‘Omen’ on the electronic music scene” – Stereobuzz UK At the time of composing a year of reflection and learning had passed. Popularly known as Lodewyck, legendary producer Lewis Monbarn takes flightContinue Reading