“Pop and Rap guru and pioneer ‘Christopher The Grey’ drops the irresistible and insatiable Rap track ‘Butterflies” – Stereobuzz UK  From the very first beats, ‘Butterflies’ is a track that captivates the listener, making it difficult for them to put down their headphones. In Christopher the Grey’s latest tune, there’sContinue Reading

Spitting words at 100 miles an hour in efficient tight and unique fashion, this track bounces outta the speakers and draws you back in, with it’s true life experiences and honest flava this one wins the listener over – Stereobuzz HIP-HOP-2020 FIND OUT MORE, SEE THE VIDEO AND LISTEN ONContinue Reading

Dean Cramer founded the music site Kings of A&R disrupting the music industry and the traditional way of finding artists. With mentions in popular news sources including CNN, UK’s Financial Times, Billboard Mag, & Spin Mag – Kings of A&R first gained its popularity in 1999 with its first-in-kind entertainmentContinue Reading

‘Ivory is a Belgium artist who started writing and producing music at the age of 16. Ivory originally started out as a songwriter only and later developed a talent for producing the music. Ivory takes his inspiration from worldwide acts like J. Cole and Kanye West. The music video wasContinue Reading

‘Ramsey’ is a new 22 year old Singer-Songwriter from Warrington, England. ‘Ramsey’ a.k.a ‘Ramsey Perkins’ has just launched an official Youtube channel and is uploading mind blowing covers and original songs. In this special live video performance, ‘Ramsey’ showcases a YouTube Video of his brand new original composition entitled ‘MyContinue Reading