July 20, 2024

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Embrace the Charm of Kaiak’s ‘Doggy Woggy’ – A 70s Love Affair in Music

Doggy Woggy” is a groovy soft rock delight that takes us back to the golden era of music. Recorded in a vintage fashion, this song brings together a talented 5-piece band in the studio. With influences from Toto and Steely Dan, it exudes a 70s funky love feel, blending West Coast pop with a hint of jazz. Song is written by Marcos Ubeda & Kristian Lagerström.

This song amusingly portrays the challenges faced by a new couple. The man feels threatened by the woman’s dog, who dislikes him. He thought it would pass, but the dog’s constant barking disrupts their lives. It’s like a never-ending royal pain. The man feels like he’s chasing his own tail, searching for a solution. It’s an extraordinary story!

Deep in the forests of the Swedish countryside, Kaiak makes music that’s equal parts jazz club, soft rock and indie nerds. Kaiak is a collaborative duo comprised of musicians Marcos Ubeda (keyboards, producer, songwriter, all backing vocals) and Emil Gullhamn (lead vocals, guitar, songwriter).

Kaiak’s music is, first and foremost, art intended to reveal deep and soothing feelings. The plan is to continue the music’s evolution, keep focused on what the group does best, and build a global fanbase. This is emotional, hook-filled, melodic music with substance and fans of great modern songwriting need to find Kaiak at once.