July 18, 2024

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Syleena Johnson Empowers Women Through Music and Health Advocacy

R&B Diva and Grammy-nominated recording artist Syleena Johnson has dropped her soulful, sleek and empowering new single ‘Black Balloons’. The single has been making the rounds on Urban Contemporary Radio. “Black Balloons” featuring Syl Johnson (Courtesy of SJ ENTERTAINMENT).

The song “Black Balloons” is both motivational and very inspirational as it contrasts Black people in America with balloons that overcome the forces of gravity to rise high anyway. Syleena honors her late father, legendary soul & blues singer Syl Johnson on the powerful track by using some of his original vocals recorded in back in 1969. The new groove on the track is not sonically dated in the least however, and this fresh funky track is sure to get people moving and steppers stepping. You can now stream “Black Balloon” on Spotify.

R&B Diva and Grammy-nominated recording artist Syleena Johnson is a woman of many titles and talents. Singer, songwriter, author, and daytime talk show host are just a few avenues that she has been able to share her gifts with the world. As an R&B/Soul songstress, Syleena Johnson was destined to touch people and impact lives. Her sultry voice, combined with her timeless beauty, classic style, and piercing delivery has made her a fan-favorite for nearly twenty years.

The iconic Etta James once said about authentic soul and blues music, “You can’t fake this music. It’s how you connect to the songs and to the history behind them.” Syleena Johnson is one of those undeniable talents whose unfaltering truth shines through every note she sings. Undoubtedly one of the most talented singers of her generation, Johnson has collaborated with everyone from Kanye West and Common to Anthony Hamilton and many more.

Syleena Johnson grew up outside of Chicago and one might say music chose her. Her father is Legendary Soul/Blues Singer Syl Johnson. Her mother, incidentally, became the nation’s first Black female police commissioner. Which each new release, Syleena Johnson reaffirms her place as one of the most dynamic singers of her generation, rooted in the great soul tradition and uniquely capable of moving it forward.

Syleena’s passion doesn’t end on the last note at the end of a song. A few years ago she launched, SheLean Health & Fitness, which helps women in the area of health, nutrition and fitness. SheLean Nutrition, Health, and Fitness is an online company created to cater to women of various demographics. SheLean believes that optimal health and wellness starts in the home with the woman, who is the threshold of the family. Thus, by motivating and educating people with the tools to achieve mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health; others will in turn, inspire families and help to prevent disease, mental illness, and obesity by the masses. “Our mission and goal is to create an online network where women can attain the resources to do just that. Our Motto is that in order for one to achieve health and wellness, one must first understand health from awareness. SheLean intends to save lives, but to also increase the quality of living of those lives.” For more information, go to www.SheLeanLife.com.

Since launching SheLean, Syleena Johnson has had the opportunity to spread the message of health and wellness through several speaking engagements. She was the guest speaker at The African American Wellness Walk in Dayton, OH and at The Integrate to Success Conference in Columbia, SC.



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