June 22, 2024

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A new funky, classic movie sized, design for life emerges in the form of luscious lockdown track ‘When This Sh*t is Done’ by ‘Kleopetrol’

2020 is a tough year for everyone.

The Soul/Funk group Kleopetrol from Braunschweig, Germany used the time and emotion that the corona lockdown brought to deliver a message of love, unity and Soul Power to the people.

Recording the horns and shooting the official music video was quite a challenge keeping safety distances but in the end it felt very much relieving for everyone.  If something seems dismal and heavy try dancing to it and you will see that the clouds will soon wash away.

What are you going to do when all this sh*t is done?

A new funky, classic movie sized, design for life emerges in the form of luscious lockdown track  ‘When This Sh*t is Done’ by ‘Kleopetrol’ – Stereobuzz UK

It’s majestic, it’s explosive

A young Soul/Funk group from Brunswick, Germany that combines the love for 60s and 70s R&B Music with a political message of unity, self-determination and Soul Power.
Vocalist Tiana Kruškić knows what she is preaching; beginning with her refugee background and evolving into her outspokenness for women’s rights all around the globe. Her Bosnian heritage promises a glimpse at Balkan folklore and strikingly supported by the three-piece horn section.

The three siblings on drums, bass and guitar round up the unique groove of the band that reminds of Funk-activist luminaries like Sly Stone, Tina Turner and James Brown.

Even if their debut EP is set to be released later this year they already got the attention of Soul and Funk legends like Greg Boyer (Parliament Funkadelic, Maceo Parker) and Gary Winters (Bootsy Collins, Fred Wesley).



Stream and Listen on all Platforms: https://smarturl.it/Kleopetrol-WhenDone