May 30, 2024

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Adam ant–kings of the wild frontier – live–oxford theatre 2016

Adam Ant who’s real name is Stuart Goddard ruled the airwaves, charts and pretty much the world in the 80’s. After a well publicised mental breakdown and fight with bipolar in recent years he has come back to top health and walks out on stage at Oxford Theatre looking just like the powerful pop hero he always was.


There are still 2 drummers and that Burundi beat and the exact guitar sound that made Marco Pirroni and himself legends. No Marco tonight, but the band kick ass as he belts out punkier early rarities like “Deutscher Girls” and “Beat my Guest” and hits like “Prince Charming” after playing the entire “Kings of the Wild frontier” album in it’s entirety note for note and beat for beat.

Adam’s voice is still on good form hitting all the high notes and chants on tracks like “The Human Beings” and the big hit from the album “Antmusic”.

All together a Fab affair full of old and young ant fans.

Adam Ant is officially back.