July 18, 2024

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Amel D drops a magical Alternative Rock Anthem with ‘I’m Your Rain’ – Buzzing on Our Stereo Now

Liven Up ‘Alternative Rock’ as Worldwide Music Genre again, Asian Rock Singer called AMEL D going viral with single I’m Your Rain.

The essence of good music is like a gust of fresh air which can carry away all the negativity from our mind in a flick.

This spirit of soulful music reflects in Asian twenty-six-year-old artist called Amel D, being a prolific singer/songwriter she is also well known for being an Entrepreneur and Business Women.

Her recent track ‘I’m Your Rain’ shows her signature tonality and natural creative flavour, this track perfectly fits the requirements of indie rock in every aspect and stands out as a unique piece of art. The track successfully captivates a large section of the music lover with its maverick lyrics and transcending music.

Amel D began her career in the world of music in 2017, she is comparatively new in this field but her hard work is giving strong competition to her contemporaries.

‘I’m Your Rain’ beautifully catches up the strong emotional mood of the lovers who stays in a long-distance relationship, it deals with the sentimental struggles they often face while experiencing them. This song is a part of her album call ‘Cross to Hell’ which is scheduled to get released next year.

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