April 18, 2024

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Chantel “Cece” Washington Releases New Hit Single

Chantel “CeCe” Washington has released a new single entitled “Body,” wowing and dazzling her fans and new listeners alike. Her voice is like smooth creamy butter, instantly calming you when you listen to it. Her passion and drive for music has shaped her into a formidable music talent, and she is sure to reach new heights in the music industry as she continues to release new music.

Her new single “Body” was released on all major music platforms back on August 13th of 2021, but since then, she has gone on to release another song. Her newest EP is entitled “What is Love,” a smooth and heady tribute to everything that love will throw at you. Her tracks are also supported by vocals from other hit indie music artists, including Actzmusiq, Kimmy, Fresh, and Andrew Freeman. She has a wide selection of singles to listen to, so make sure to check her music out now if you haven’t already!

CeCe is a music artist from Riverside County, where she has quickly found fame by performing small time and big time alike. Whether singing for birthdays, the national anthem, at exclusive open mic gigs, or on the stage with other R&B and Gospel artists, she has proven her vocal talent time and time again. Her dream is to one day go on tour to perform for her fans all over the country, and then the world, bringing with her the hopes and dreams of those who listen to her music.

Working long hours to perfect her sound, CeCe has worked alongside her record company CFCF VIR2 RECORDZ to bring her music to a wide audience and build her musical portfolio. Since she began her career in music, her songs have even been charted on major radio stations like Choice 107, Hot 102 Jams, 92.9 The Mix, and Pandora. Her fanbase has steadily grown over the years, and for good reason. Her talent is just too good to pass up!

Make sure to keep an eye out for this rising star, as Chantel “CeCe” Washington gains more and more musical acclaim all the time. With new performances and new music coming out constantly, there’s no shortage of CeCe to go around. She even has a music performance deal on Roku TV coming up, where she’ll be broadcasting live and virtual performances for all her fans to enjoy. Be sure to follow her on social media to stay up to date with all future performances and music releases, as you definitely don’t want to miss out on anything she has coming up!