May 30, 2024

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Cling come from the home of Yazoo and Depeche Mode–Let them guide you through “The Maze”–Hot new Pop/Drum and Bass download


Cling are an Essex based duo who formed in 2006 and consist of Susi Lavender ( Vocals ) and Gerald Patient on Programming and Production.

Cling came to recognition from their music making appearances in the cult favourite “Welcome To The Scene”.

Cling released their music video “Beyond Your Dreams” which gathered 47K hits on YouTube in under 2 weeks and the duo then proceeded to have their music used in adverts for ASICS Europe ( JD Sports trainer advert)  and North Face Clothing.

Cling’s latest release was produced at Cling studio, Essex and is a Drum and Bass Influenced track entitled “The Maze” which is available as a free download via Soundcloud.