July 20, 2024

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‘David Lee King’ creates the next greatest tribal electronica genre, Flow, with his creation of “Heal.”

David Lee King’s “Heal” is a rhythmic sensation of a new calling genre , Flow, with innovative
bass and 3D sounds.

“Heal” transponds light and love with a helping hand and heart melodically through artist David Lee King’s frequency. Calling within his deepest and highest self, King created the next greatest tribal electronica genre, Flow, with his creation of “Heal.” The innovative birthing of “Heal” was extremely rare; David Lee King explains how he visioned an orb of rhythm elements and listeners being inside that sphere bringing forth a true force of conscious awareness and an inviting musical movement. King’s suffering he has conquered, has transformed him to be a living medicine to his listeners and his fellow earthlings. “Heal” is a journey through first healing oneself in order to be able to heal others to raise a global vibration. David Lee King has a vision of abundance for every soul to have pure focused joy and
spirituality, awareness of self and comfort. “Heal” is actively being played on select radio
stations all over the world.

“We’re here to birth revolution through evolution. The healing journey is how we evolve. “ –
David Lee King

David Lee King is from a small town of around 5 thousand people, Bismarck Arkansas which is just south of Hot Springs, Arkansas. Hot Springs is a magical place full of crystals and 3 lakes where the water is literally charged by crystals. Less has always been into music and believe heavily that it is a magic that escapes all forms of oppression and prejudice. King is continuing to come before the calling of the universe and training through its summoning to be a powerful healer and a seasoned visionary entrepreneur.

Notable mentions: Masih Ghaeny polished the first initial beatboxing of “Heal”. Ben Last from Australia spent the majority of the time working with Lee on “Heal” ; Last’s excellence in shamanic, tribal, ambience, and dance has had a major influence for the production of the “Heal” and David Lee King himself.
– Press by trushiro


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