July 18, 2024

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Stereobuzz Introducing – Elizaveta Antonova & Yuri Vekshin – Non lasciate chi amate

Yuri Vekshin is a composer and member of the International Union of Composers of XXI AGE. Yuri composes music in the genre “Classical crossover”.

He creates music and music settings with a very special and attractive sound, skilfully balanced harmonies softly reveal the narration. Yuri considers the music as one of the most universal expressions of human feelings, believing that the emotions do not depend on boundaries and time. Although none of his parents are professional musicians, his father, an experienced pilot, studied music being a teenager, but he did not stop playing the piano building a career of a pilot. Yuri recalls how he was listening to mainly classical music at home in his childhood.

Yuri Vekshin and Elizaveta Antonova got acquainted in 2017 at one of the concerts in the conservatory. Elizaveta is a singer with lyric soprano, her voice is very expressive with the unique timbre. Yuri has understood that Elizaveta is one of those rare performers who may burst with heart and soul, and who possesses vocal technique as well. Elizaveta started to pursue music from the age of 7 at music school, then she graduated from the College of Arts, now she studies at the Rostov State Conservatory. She took part in different musical competitions.

Yuri Vekshin and Elizaveta Antonova have joined their efforts to create a debut single. Yuri understood that well-laid-out text and lyric soprano of Elizaveta would touch unengaged emotions of the listeners. As a result of big work they produced the single under the name ‘Non lasciate chi amate’.

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In his own words Yuri says “It is an exciting and attractive vocal, the lightness and the deepness of the combination of piano melody and lyric cello against the orchestra, intriguing melody unites poetic lightness of the text with unforgettable harmonies. The smooth and hearty sound of ‘Non lasciate chi amate’ does not leave the listeners indifferent, the melody abounds with clear warmth and honesty, originality which grasps and inspires, it has a full and deep sounding, it carries us away to emotional and deep travel full of beauty and adventures.”

‘Non lasciate chi amate’ is created in a unique classical style. In December of 2017 the music video of ‘Non lasciate chi amate’ was produced.


The Debut single was recorded at the recording studio “Academy Of Sound”. Shchegol Roman who is a very experienced and well-known professor of sound engineering of Rostov State Conservatory participated in the recording of ‘Non lasciate chi amate’. A very sophisticated piano player and singer Olga Shchegol (grand piano solo part) and the famous, experienced cello player Artemy Golov gave the track the same deep and original sound in solo roles.


At present the duo are finishing the work on the next track in a classical style. The official release will be produced in near future.

Check out the video:


YouTube  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHfEeOgrsCQ

Website   https://antonovavekshin.com