July 20, 2024

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Ericc Antonio’s heavy baselines and smashing drums with 808 punches give new album ‘Pardon My Presence’ that modern vibe.

Pardon My Presence is a collective of songs that touch on a range of topics. From betrayal, police brutality, injustice, love and humor. Ericc Antonio uses witty lyrics and word play with melodic hooks to define each song. His infectious flow weaves through trap, rock, blues influenced tracks that provide heavy baselines, smashing drums with 808 punches to give it that modern vibe. This is an album that can easily cross genres while staying true to its Hip hop base.

Ericc Antonio brings a variety of flows and lyrical content that will keep any ongoer guessing what’s next. From a head bobbing guitar laced rock influenced trap song in “Round and Round,” to a melodic style 808 laced track in “Law Abiding Citizens.” Each song carries a modern day bounce that take on hard topics of police brutality, post traumatic stress disorder, love, betrayal and flashes of humor combined with catchy hooks, bridges and melodies adapted for today’s culture.

Stream and listen to all: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/ericcantonio/pardon-my-presence-3