April 18, 2024

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Gekesha Johnson announces her new single “My Baby”

Born on March 25, 1983 in Birmingham, Alabama.

From a young age, she has been intrigued and fascinated by music and singing, though, she withdraws from people when she was a kid, but not from her passion and interest.

Her latest single: “MY BABY” best explains her experience in the music industry and her passion.

Making beats in her head and writing songs. She would create and sing her music and was becoming better at what she does.

At age 11, GEKESHA JOHNSON, her older sister and her cousin sung music for a producer, but nothing came out of it.

Sometime later, at age 13, GEKESHA JOHNSON, her older sister and her best friend started a girls music group named Y&I meaning Young and Innocent. Sometime later, they disbanded the group, but all of this was significance for something bigger and a thing of passion and interest.

Sometime later, she kept improving her song writing and most especially, her music. She tried auditioning on American Idol and x factor, but she was rejected. Even as a person who was afraid of rejection and withdraw from everyone from her tender age, she still didn’t feel rejected after all this experience.

After all this, in the year 2015, she kept improving her music and later released some of her usual records which took her to the next stage of fame, but something disheartening and devastating happened to her in that same year.

GEKESHA JOHNSON lost her mother that year. She shutdown all activities in her life, including her music career and even decided that she would never do music again.

But some years later after grieving her mother’s death, she felt the passion and inspiration to sing, and then she returned to music. She remembers what her mother told her before she passed away: she told her to keep going. And presently, that’s what she’s doing, she keeps moving on.