May 21, 2024

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Manchester Rain – New Music Reviews

Manchester Rain are a new drum and bass meets ambient/dance pop act from none other than Manchester. Their new offering is a soulful and gritty track with a fast paced drum beat that comes straight out of the drum and bass school of thinking combined with an epic and quite euphoric production – 8/10. 


Songwriter, artist and producer Manchester Rain finds himself working alone in his sky-lab deep inside the belly of the beats Manchester UK where studio Fort Knox microphones invite the stray sirens and wicked weather to be a part of the music.

A collaboration of haunting sorts, working between Manchester, UK and a reclusive hideaway buried deep inside the French Alps (Bass Camp), Manchester Rain absorbs the two opposing environments and allows them to find their way into the music, environment is everything.

Pop sensibilities anchor urban tinged cross-genre music: big beats  live instruments and vintage synths work together where saxophone meet Moog.

Manchester Rain produces and writes all of his own material and works on the aesthetics of all related film / video and artwork.

Manchester Rain is an independent artist releasing material under record label, Subdust Music.


Official Video:

Manchester Rain by Manchester Rain is out now: