May 20, 2024

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‘Mr. Really Successful’ has already had a big hit with his 255K streaming E.P’ moneyfeens in miami ‘ and offers streaming products

‘Mr. Really Successful’ has already had a smash hit with his ‘ moneyfeens in miami ‘ EP that has accumulated 255k streams and rising on Spotify. As a group stationed in Atlanta, USA, they lead the charge in leaving Atlanta to go to Miami to takeover! luxury airbnbs, yachts, mansions, fast cars and slingshots to cruise the Miami streets.

Star members in the group are @mrreallysuccessful (atlanta) @milktattoos ( detroit) @moneyfeen_corey (atlanta)

They have also started offering streaming products and services as part of “really successful public relations “who have a super reach in making artists famous. Juicing up your numbers is common practice among the hottest music artists. They provide the secrets, we provide the blueprints.

Get in touch @mrreallysuccessful to find out more.