April 16, 2024

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‘Mr. Reaper’ brings out ‘Awaken’ music video

Mr. Reaper is an artist that rocks your world the first time you meet him. Meandering into your mind like a breath of fresh air, Mr. Reaper’s smooth as butter voice could rock you to sleep. There’s something quiet and soothing about this young rapper’s style that makes his latest hit single “Awaken” an instant success.

“I’m prayin’ for myself,

And I’m awakin’ with my help

I don’t know where to go,

It’s like I’m fightin’ myself”

The chorus of Mr. Reaper’s “Awaken” reads like a beautiful anthem for a generation of lost souls. It’s melodic and soothing, like a lullaby for someone who doesn’t know where to go. At the same time, it’s a powerful push forward, like someone picking you up off the floor after you’ve had a particularly rough time, and motioning you forward. Telling you you can go, and achieve great things.

That’s the true power of Mr. Reaper, to heal souls and help them along their own journey of self discovery. “Awaken” is  a smart, catchy song, certainly. One that’s crafted together with the skill of a true poet. Mr. Reaper sees how to use his voice and wonderful tonality to strengthen the power of his lyrics. It’s rare to find an artist with such command of his voice, and at the same time, with such immense enjoyment for singing.

You can tell Mr. Reaper’s breaking through those speakers with great pleasure, and that fills you with pleasure, in turn. But of course, “Awaken” doesn’t only shine through the artist’s vocal range, but also through its smartly-built beats.

“Awaken” runs around in circles, with beats ranging from the mildly incentivizing, to those booming through the walls of your soul, and commanding you to do something with your life.

It’s a very faith-filled song, one that inspires, and redeems. And that’s perhaps what explains the artist’s tremendous success. Following the fast rise in popularity of his previous hit, “Thru the Dark”, Mr. Reaper continues to go strong across musical tops with “Awaken”.