May 22, 2024

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Music helped Hip Hop Artist FnF Handsome process his feelings, and he channeled his feelings into his latest song ‘Hard To Love’

Hip Hop Artist FnF Handsome writes and perform songs from his own personal experience and emotions. His passion and creative lyrics has made waves. He can touch many with his versatility and songwriting. Born and raised in New York city the heart of music surrounded by talent. Started free-styling on corners in cyphers with friends before he started recording. He created this song from life experiences, the same people he loved and trusted turned their back on him. “Obviously they weren’t friends from the beginning so I created this song off of my emotions and feelings that I was finally able to let out after all these years. Situations like this are relatable and happen all over the world so I felt I had to present this to my audience who been threw it.” says the artist

FNF Handsome has released a new single ‘Hard To Love’.

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