June 25, 2024

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‘Olivia Rees’ is back and buzzing on our Super Cool R&B stereo with her relaxing and mesmerising ‘Exposed’

“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations” such an inspiring quote that gives others the memo to work hard and never give up as the end will be astounding. Similar is the initiative of the talented prodigy who we will be illuminating today named as “Olivia Rees” the diva that set the world on fire through the prospect of music she had that was innate and gifted to her by the heavens. Despite being an abuse survivor, Olivia has her mindset to pursue her ambitions of becoming a musician and use that aspiration of hers to give others the courage to stand against the brutalities of life and lift themselves up to the highest of sky. An Oscar worthy personality indeed.

Life was harsh but nature was a bliss. Olivia Rees face the saddest of times but nature was reciprocal as it granted her with the ability of rhythmic commencement of musical symphonies that would be soothing to hear and alluring to remember. Starting playing piano and learning to play guitar at just the age of 12 was what differentiated Olivia from other youngsters of her age. Achieving that fantasy of hers, Olivia polished the talent she had that was once a mountain rock had now turned into a shining diamond worth all the treasure of the world. Indeed, they say that hard work is the key to success.

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What differentiates Olivia Rees from other artists? These days when music has become just an entity for enjoyment, Olivia took the initiative of producing music much more than just melodies. She had the mindset of mixing different genres into a single entity that would be a composition of R&B, hip-hop and rap with such sentimental lyrics that would be meaningful and arouse the substantial emotions that were once unknown for humanity resulting in her songs being a cultural reset. Her overflowing passion and versatile style depicted in her tracks like “Leave it Alone”, as well as some veritable party tracks, like “Sugar and Spice” are simply esthetic to hear.

Independence in life is true manifestation of Olivia Rees as an artist. The type of music Olivia creates is simply her emotions and feelings she sings through her perspective of life that makes her likeable and appreciable proven by the fact that every solitary commencing factor from instrumentals to the lyrics is done by her especially depicted in the songs like “Darker Nights” and “Trust Issues” which embodies the feelings of standing through the storms of challenges and making your way to the top.

Lit collaborations and empowering songs are what is ahead for you if you bias Olivia Rees who is not here for competition rather than to interpret her passion while creating such music that fulfills as a basis of indignation and eternal fraternity for others to perceive. The genuine meaning of bliss in form of a person is Olivia.