May 30, 2024

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Online Music Streaming: Indie notes in Apple Music bring Indian fans

Apple did something different with its music streaming service, focusing on the independent music scene and encouraging new artists to launch their tracks on Apple Music first.

Three years ago, when Apple Music was launched, many thought it would just be another subscription-based music streaming service. In 2018, about 50 million people pay to listen to a music catalogue of over 45 million tracks on Apple Music in over 100 countries. And while these figures do say a lot about how the streaming service is faring, for Apple this is not the only metric of success.

For a company that is beyond the number game, Apple did something different with its music streaming service, focusing on the independent music scene and encouraging new artists to launch their tracks on Apple Music first. The local strategy it adopted in India is not only keeping music listeners hooked to Apple Music but also shaping the careers of many upcoming singers and musicians.

One such newbie artist is Kavya Trehan, who has recently released her first single “Underscore” on Apple Music. Trehan says Apple has created the system in such a way that it is easier for an independent artist like her to approach the company and pitch for a new idea. “As someone who is releasing a single, the two things that makes sense for me is the exclusive ‘Hear it Here’. First. What they do with that here is they genuinely put you in the best playlists… the playlists that suits you and the playlist that is according to your sound. The second thing is spotlight; you could put your music out but the way it is marketed also matters,” Trehan adds. “And that’s where Apple Music works for me.”

Raman Negi, a Delhi-based musician and lead vocalist of The Local Train band, says Apple places young artists and musicians on the homepage of Apple Music, which is a big deal. Prabh Deep, a popular rapper from Delhi, adds that Apple was ready to take risks on him, despite his music’s controversial elements.

Artists here feel Apple is communicative, listens to them and takes feedback. But it’s not easy to get a single or an album out on Apple Music as an exclusive. Apple is very particular when it comes to the kind of music that will end up as an exclusive on its platform. That is a long process that involves multiple listening sessions. But as Apple Music grows in India, the firm continues to focus on the independent music scene and acquiring fresh exclusive content. Over the past 12 months or so, Apple Music has seen 40 exclusives, roughly three exclusives a month.

Apple has a team of editors, distributed in all the markets where the music streaming service is available, including India. The editor and his team decides on the single/album to be included and keeps tracks of the analytics. A team also interacts with colleagues in other markets to see which track/album is doing well there and decides on whether it needs to be showcased here. For example, if A-list Bollywood track like Tareefan from Veere Di Wedding is doing well in India, chances are, it might get prominently featured in the US market. For Apple, the basic criteria is the music. Localisation is another big part of the so-called Apple Music experience, something that may help the company in the longer run.

Apple Music allows users to listen to their favourite ad-free music tracks and stream them to multiple devices, including iPhone and iPad. The on-demand music streaming service includes an expansive catalogue of Indian and International music, exclusive albums and playlists, Internet radio station Beats 1 that broadcasts live to over 100 countries 24 hours a day and access to music videos. Apple has deals with all leading Indian and international music labels including T-Series and Sony Music to ensure it has the right content. Earlier this year. Apple tied up with Radio City, a popular radio channel, for a Bollywood countdown chart show titled ‘Apple Music Top 25’.

India offers room to grow for Apple Music to find new fans. Consulting firm Deloitte claims the number of online music listeners in India is expected to grow to 273 million by March 2020. From international players such as Apple and Amazon to domestic players including Saavn and Gaana, many see India as the next big opportunity. Spotify, the world’s biggest on-demand music streaming service, has plans to enter India soon.

Apple Music does not come for free, though. A membership costs Rs 120 per month for one person and Rs 190 for a family plan covering up to six people. If you are a student, you can get it for Rs 60 per month. E-commerce giant Amazon also offers its music streaming service in India but at no additional charge for Amazon Prime members. Saavn and Gaana have an ad-funded model that makes it free for listeners. There, users can go for premium plans if they want to stream music without ads and unlimited downloads.

-Anuj Bhatia