May 30, 2024

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PRADO” slays in new single ‘They made you for me’

“I hate that she’s got all your attention

We both know that she should be me”

That’s the opening line of Canadian singer-songwriter PRADO’s latest hit single, “They Made You For Me”. Immediately, we’ve got a premise that most listeners will be familiar with, at least, and which for some will resonate quite painfully. We’ve all had some experience with unrequited, secret love, which should be all the more reason to check out this incendiary new release. In this latest track, PRADO manages to capture the unique sense of longing that characterizes secret longing. You’ve got passion, but also a deep gut-hurt, that you can hear in the way PRADO’s voice sways invitingly through the speakers.

Then, you’ve also got a certain cockiness and sass that everyone who’s ever loved in secret is bound to appreciate. It’s the quiet certainty that you know better for this person and that your love would go down in a way that any other’s would only flounder.

“Talk to me,

I wanna feel your breathing

On your knees,

Mirror on the ceiling,

Look at me,

Whisper in my ear

That I’m the only one you need”

“They Made You For Me” sends a simple message, but one that comes from the heart of this wonderful new artist, straight into the hearts of thousands of listeners. It’s not difficult to understand the roaring success PRADO has had across streaming platforms in recent months. Her voice has a warm, inviting quality to it, while the lyrics are poignant and supremely relatable. Originally born to Brazilian and Cuban parents, though raised in Toronto, Canada, PRADO has the deeply desirable skill of blending together several cultural styles.

There’s an obvious Latino vibe running through “They Made You For Me” in the steamy chorus, as well as the sass with which PRADO delivers every syllable. But there’s also something surprisingly cool, and more Western pop style, that makes this song a very exciting, and unusual release.

“They Made You For Me” is currently rocking streaming platforms worldwide, and understandably so – it’s a hot track for a hot season, and you don’t wanna miss it!