May 20, 2024

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Ravoshia Delivers A Magical, Beautiful And Impactful New Tune “No Love”

This 2021 Ravoshia’s new single titled No Love is worth the hype of
being a classified hit. Seemingly, the new record is attracting a lot of
attention across the globe, especially in the UK and reaching Africa
being seen in “African Hype”. The singer’s success with Fashion Killa
last year was amazing and it’s good to see that she now has another
record climbing up the radar with popularity.

The overall message in No Love is really deep and emotional to say the
least and it’s got a unique combination of r&b and pop. Ravoshia seems
to be able to pull off a diverse range of music and genres from what I
have heard. Additionally, No Love showcases how gifted she is in
songwriting aside from just being a great singer and dancer.

Ravoshia is setting the bar very high as a new recording artist during
this era with her catalog of music and creative performance project
“RMPS101” known as Mannequin Performance Style 101. As for most would
assume that she will keep rising higher and higher as the year

Stream it here: