June 17, 2024

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‘Shelly Ross’ joins top-notch producer ‘J. Product’ as they create a ‘Masterpiece’

You know that feeling when you’re just chilling, and suddenly, a song comes on that is so attuned to your mood that you can’t help but wonder at what a weird coincidence it is?

Well, that’s what happened to me, recently, as I was listening to an R&B mix and came upon Shelly Ross’s latest release, “Masterpiece”. True to the artist’s word, the song is a stellar accomplishment, combining elements not only from the R&B style but also pop and soul. And maybe that’s what immediately attracted me to the tune, the fact that it’s so versatile, and so hard to box into one genre. I like songs that make me think a little, that make me wonder what the artist was thinking when creating it, and that’s exactly what “Masterpiece” did.

After studying Shelly Ross’s track record and career, I realized that such a feat isn’t at all unusual for her. Quite the contrary, in fact. This Canadian artist, originally born on the sunny shores of Spain, excels at creating these multi-faceted and exciting productions, that bring together good lyrics, dance skills as well as high-quality melody. In other words, she’s an artist that knows how to make her way into your mind, not only because of an obsessive rhythm but also through the sheer skill and talent with which the songs are produced.

Having recently appeared on the radio show L.I.D.S (Local International Detroit Scene) which is under the Umbrella of (Ahead Of The Game Music Publishing LLC (BMI), hosted by one of her main sponsors, De’Shean Marquill. Shelly Ross is rapidly gathering international acclaim and raking in those views for her new music video. The show’s first guest was Super producer Kern Brantley who has worked with Beyonce and Lady Gaga previously, and it’s only befitting that the last would be someone so talented as Shelly Ross.

The video itself sets a seductive atmosphere that just screams good vibes. Aside from Ross’s natural talent, we can see here, perhaps, a little bit of her wonderfully gifted producer, J. Product.

But honestly, all we say here is meaningless, because what’s the point of describing it to you when you could go and enjoy it yourself? Head over to YouTube right now and check out the video for “Masterpiece”.


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