May 21, 2024

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STEREOBUZZ RAP REVIEWS: Mixing classic old skool authenticity with a bang up to date and uplifting tone, unique rapper ‘SHADNR’ unleashes ‘925 Freestyle’

Spitting words at 100 miles an hour in efficient tight and unique fashion, this track bounces outta the speakers and draws you back in, with it’s true life experiences and honest flava this one wins the listener over – Stereobuzz HIP-HOP-2020


The brand new drop ‘925 Freestyle’ from rising rapper and hip-hop artist SHADNR showcases his distinctive style, unique character and captivating flow.

With the new explosion of hip hop, grime and trap in full force, SHADNR leads the flow and delivers a stylish, well produced, dreamy and infectious sound.

SHADNR spits tight bars in his own fashion and after a few beats the tune sticks in your head, while the true real to life message is delivered.

This single and video release ‘925 Freestyle’ from SHADNR effectively utilizes the strengths of the hip-hop genre, mixing classic old school authenticity with a bang up to date, contemporary and uplifting tone.

SHADNR recently declared that “This track tackles the genuine story of me as an artist, my life, in an unapologetic and ultimately real manner”.

SHADNR spits quick rhymes and compelling rhythms make for a stylish, ever-evolving vocal line, which reflects on modern life, hard work, the rat race, and the rise from obscurity to success.

SHADNR spits “I be rapping till I die” as he drops dope efficient bars about the 9 to 5 life trap and real life with a true, distinct and strong flow.

SHADNR takes his musical inspiration from classic and inventive artists as diverse as J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar and Logic.

SHADNR has nurtured a distinctive and warm approach to his vocal flow, meandering into melody and with a pop sensibility underneath the real life spit and tones.