May 18, 2024

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Sutter Zachman announces new single

La Route

“Back To Sleep” OUT APRIL 25th

Sutter’s story begins in a dingy garage somewhere in the coastal region of Southern California in 2004.

“The acquisition of a retro eight track type tape machine attracted a few high school friends around for a lesson in music making. I just remember turning knobs until the meters jumped. I fell in love with recording,” recalls Sutter.

“I like songs that have some surprises, but that are simple enough that you can sing them around a campfire,” says Sutter Zachman, a 26-year-old California native who signed his first songwriting deal when he was barely old enough to drink. Blessed with a warm and woodsy voice that would have been right at home in 1970s Laurel Canyon, Zachman could be mistaken for one of the neo-folkies who’ve been spreading like wildfire lately.

Link to the website
Link to the website

But whether he likes it or not, Zachman paddles down a deeper musical river. His tender melodies take surprising twists and turns, and his songs bear the gentle touch and inquisitive lyrics of an old soul.

Old masters

Sutter studied the songwriting secrets of old masters like Nick Lowe, Van Morrison and Ron Sexsmith, developing a sound all his own while working odd jobs in small towns across the country, from Lawrence, Kansas to Palm Desert, California.

The process brought Zachman full circle back to Los Angeles, where he found a small group of collaborators who helped bring his dreamy new tunes to life.


Ten years on, having been through various different band line-ups along with covering Bob Dylan on National TV (VH1), Sutter Zachman has arrived with an amazing new single to boot, titled, “Back to Sleep”.

Backed by his band, La Route, Sutter recreates that authentic roots infused Americana folk sound that adheres to the resurgence of Folk Music from the 60’s and 70’s. Music soaked in that South American experience of sunshine, long evenings and fine whiskey, Back To Sleep will be Sutter’s first release on this side of the Atlantic.

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