April 16, 2024

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Stereo Buzz talk to hip hop pioneers The Swirlers about their new release ‘Foreal’

The Swirlers intervene with a second universal swing of an audio and visual transmission called “FOREAL”, sent from 864.3 light years away on Planet Playa Playa. These original side steppers birth an unquestionably distinctive sound centred around their fix ethos of “staying loyal to the groove”.

The Afro-Caribbean and English trio join forces with intuitive content providers/directors Myriad Odyssey (@myriadodyssey) for a genuinely vivacious visual experience. The artwork has been labelled by the providers as a “four-cornered collaboration” captured by photographer Lennon Gregory (@lennon_gregory), illustrated by The Engineer (@theeasternone), brought to life by dancer Rosalie Bell (@rpearceb) and styled by FYPM Brixton (@fypmbrixton).


How would you describe your vibe and genre ?

An organic blend of soul, experimental R&B and Hip Hop with an extraterrestrial tango.

What is Foreal actually about ?

“FOREAL” reflects a vivacious appreciation for the women who each of us as individuals have had profitable encounters with over the past few years of our joyful youth. We made a conscious decision to portray an equal image of both male and female having fun within the visual experience, as a representation of the early 2000s era of Hip Hop and R&B when girls where depicted as beautiful  whilst clothed and portraits as women as oppose to a tasteless connotation of them being objectified.

What inspired you to start recording and releasing  music ?

All of us have been nurtured within households where either one or more family members were avid listeners, so that would have been the obvious initial trigger.

What artists of all time do you rate ? 

Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson and Michael Jackson

How do you create your sound ? 

All production and writing is done in house. The keyboard, drums and our voices would be what we consider as the primary instruments we utilise.

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The Swirlers Online:




Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgtY559yZN4&t=10s