April 16, 2024

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This Is How ‘Chris Level’ Might Take The World By Storm… From His Interview.

Chris level got interviewed on the ubiquitous blacks podcast discussing his music career as well as his sync licensing career, he revealed many gems and unhide his first project to take place for the world. Chris level is known as the guy with a perfect voice and soundtrack making skills, but this project (as announced on the ubiquitous blacks podcast interview) it will be one of the biggest projects this year as per audience reach (all call it popularity) and not to mention the hefty paycheck Chris level will get from soundtracking it.

Chris level is known from soundtracking videos on Instagram which got thousands of views on the social media as he confirmed it in his interview with lambo xtra magazine, and also confirmed that he is now ready to start taking on bigger projects and sync placements as this raised his popularity to the point that grooveNexus magazine named him the most popular sync artist and sync composer of 2022 after becoming the most mentioned sync composer and sync artist with 5k mentions under 7 weeks and only after starting his career.

The interview with ubiquitous blacks continued as he revealed his influences and how he thanks kush beatz as he was the producer that guided him into what paths to take. He said that he will be working on a project which is his first project and which is a really HUGE project as it is one of the most popular in Asia with over 2,6 million followers and hundreds of millions of fans across the globe mainly on TikTok, this is an exciting announcement from him and to all of his fans and supporters.

Chris is blessed with many talents from singing to writing perfect songs to playing the guitar to basically it, and yeah he is becoming a global phenomenal in the sync licensing industry and soon will be making more history as he envisions to become like alan silvestri too.

This interview was recorded a long time ago but also resembles the short interview Chris level did with lambo xtra magazine https://lamboxtra.com/introducing-chris-level/ .

As well as on his linkedin social media https://www.linkedin.com/in/chris-level-music-646b94190