April 16, 2024

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Dolly Parton plays prostitute in new film

Dolly Parton’s second movie for NBC, Dolly Parton’s Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love, is set to premiere on November 30. The film will, once again, star Alyvia Alyn Lind as a young Parton and Jennifer Nettles and Ricky Schroeder as her parents.
Dolly has a small role in the film as the town prostitute. She told Jimmy Fallon that, when she was young, she patterned herself after the town’s fallen woman. “When I was little, I patterned my look after the town trollop. I thought she was the most beautiful thing, because she had all this makeup, hair, tight clothes and everything I wanted. . . So I thought, why not play the painted lady?”
Dolly Parton is releasing a deluxe version of her new album, Pure & Simple, exclusively through Cracker Barrel stores.
The original ten track album was released last Friday. For the Deluxe Version, out this Friday (August 26), two additional tracks have been added, Jolene and 9-to-5 from the Glastonbury Festival of two summer’s ago.
In addition, the album will come with a 48-page magazine with photos and interviews and coupons to various Parton attractions.
To celebrate the album’s launch, Parton will host the Cracker Barrel Front Porch Series. This video series features Parton and some of today’s emerging artists as they play humorous games such as “You’re Sooooo Country,” “Real Song or Fake Song,” and “Dolly or Not Dolly.” The original content will be released on Cracker Barrel’s YouTube channel beginning Aug. 26.
“My relationship with Cracker Barrel goes back a long way,” said Parton. “We are giving their guests something very special with this deluxe album filled with pictures and interviews from my past and present. I am very excited to be working with them on this project; we make a great team.”
Julie Ulmer, senior marketing manager for Cracker Barrel, said “Dolly has been a wonderful friend to Cracker Barrel for many years. With our shared Tennessee roots and authentic Southern styles, Dolly and Cracker Barrel are a natural fit. From limited edition rocking chairs to exclusive and gold-certified albums, we’ve had a long and successful relationship, which we’re incredibly proud to continue today.”
The track list:
Pure and Simple
Say Forever You’ll Be Mine
Never Not Love You
Kiss It (And Make It All Better)
Can’t Be That Wrong
Outside Your Door
Tomorrow Is Forever
I’m Sixteen
Head Over High Heels
Forever Love
Jolene (LIVE from Glastonbury)
9 to 5 (LIVE from Glastonbury)