May 18, 2024

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Based in Toronto, Canada, Nigerian born ‘Ikhile Leonard’ releases ‘Exceptions’

Ikhile Leonard is a Nigerian born Canadian recording artist, based in Toronto, Canada. The 24 year old has a proclivity for RnB/soul music but also occasionally delves into Hip hop/Pop music. Leonard uses music as an escape from the stressful life of going through med school. However his ultimate drive comes from the desire to invest in his God given vocal and lyrical talents.2020 was the start of this artist’s career.

The COVID19 pandemic provided an unusual amount of free time away from his regular medical school activities to invest in music. Taking advantage of this, Leonard recorded his now released first single “Exceptions” and now has many more songs in the works. He hopes to build a long and successful career in the times ahead. So be sure to follow him on all platforms (@ikhileleonard) and expect more
of his music.