June 17, 2024

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Reign RoseGold releases ‘Stupid’ (Revamped)

It is always nice to see brand new female voices enter the often heavily male dominated rap scene. Stupid Revamped, the new single by Reign Rosegold brings to the rap scene an original beat with a rapping style that draws from the artists influences. Most notably, she has mentioned her idol Nicki Minaj, who she also mentions within the song, drawing a direct connection between her and the female voices that came before her.

Still, her style is unique and could not be confused or mixed for any other famous rap artist in the scene right now. Her lyrics and music heavily draw from her childhood and the hardships that she experienced. Her backstory, makes her voice stronger and it helps her bring a new freshness to the quality of beats and lyrics that she is producing.

Recently, she has found success in her live appearances at the Respect the Underground Showcase, where she has showcased both her ability to start rapping to any beat and cue, as well as her amazing stage presence. While her beats are current and modern, the visuals that she draws on are all 90’s style, and draw on her childhood watching reruns of the Fresh Prince of Belair, with the neon flashy style.

From visuals to music, Reign Rosegold has found her niche in the rap industry. Her showstopping performances have made her an artist to look out for as she is quickly becoming one of the most exciting up and coming rap artists of 2021.